Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

“Gazprom” and Bulgaria have concluded the definitive investment agreement about the “South stream”. The document became the last necessary condition for the full coordination of the project of the pipeline with countries-participants. “Gazprom” has predictably overcome the last barriers to the construction in terms of diversification of natural gas export routes. For the realization of… » read more

The strategic agreement between Rosneft and BP is mutually advantageous. Apart from considerable means, British receive stocks of the Russian oil monopolist and the guaranteed presence in the Russian market. And what’s most important, ВР gets access to the development of the Russian part of the Arctic shelf. After the finalization of the agreement the… » read more

Parliamentary elections in Ukraine haven’t finished yet, and the EU already worries about the presidential elections. The overwhelming majority of the European observers don’t expect positive results from the elections to the parliament of Ukraine. Their honesty and transparency is doubted already. Over the last year the President of Ukraine hasn’t made any visit to… » read more

The current Ukraine-Russia relations are overfilled with negative. The keywords which characterize them are risks and threats. The renewal of equal relations with Russia was the main slogan of the present Ukrainian authorities at the last presidential elections. It turned out that Russian elites aren’t going to justify optimistical hopes of Ukraine. The historical Russian… » read more

There is less than a month left to the end of the parliamentary electoral campaign in Ukraine. Already today it is possible to predict that 5 political forces out of 22 which compete under party lists will get into the parliament. Among the favorites we can outline two camps. “Proruling-controlled forces” where the proruling Party… » read more

On September 11 President of the Russian Federation V.Putin signed the Decree which limits the international activity of Russian strategic companies. It became “the Russian answer” to the decision of the Eurocommission which started an investigation in terms of the Russian monopolist on suspicion in violation of the antimonopoly legislation of the EU. In particular,… » read more

On August 29 Gazprom’s representatives have officially recognized impossibility of the Shtokman project implementation. Since 2007 Russia has been trying to implement the idea of gas production from the Shtokman field. Stocks estimated by Gazprom were astonishing – 3,8 trillion cubic meters of gas and 53,4 million tons of condensate. However, nothing went further than… » read more

Since the very beginning of Ukrainian independence citizens of Ukraine have always treated governmental institutes with vigilance and mistrust. However, apparently it is the first time in Ukraine that the number of the dissatisfied with their activity has reached critical limits. According to July sociological surveys, 71% of the population of Ukraine doesn’t trust the… » read more

According to the legislation of Ukraine, the parliamentary electoral campaign has started on July 30. The elections, which will take place on October 28, are conducted by the mixed system – 225 members of parliament (MPs) are elected by party lists and 225 – in majority districts. Already on August 20 all registered candidates, both… » read more