Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

Ukrainian culture for EuropeNew social researches of the German company “GFK” branch ordered by the “People First” Foundation prove that family, health, children and work continue to remain chief goals for Ukrainians. Ukraine continues to remain the country which preserves traditional values, morals and culture. This is also Ukrainians’ achievement. We aspire to share this all with Europe.In order to revive and augment national culture of Ukraine, which is rich in traditions and talents, and its worthy representation at the world level the Charitable Foundation “Ukraine – Sacred Family” conducted the First All-Ukrainian Festival of Arts on October, 16 in Kyiv. 

In our opinion, by supporting the Ukrainian national culture we can increase people’s belief in the possibility of them themselves creating the country of their dream. It will become a worthy place of residence for any person irrespective of race, ethnic origin, religion or sex.

This Ukraine is an integral part of Europe. This Ukraine will create new formats of cooperation between the West and the East, connecting Brussels, Kyiv, Moscow and Beijing. We believe in such a possibility. We believe that Europe will appreciate our contribution.

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  1. Ivan, you mention Brussels, Moscow and Beijing, how about Warsaw?
    The values researched are quite universal, and if there is a traditional twist to them, then Poland comes to mind.
    Also, in terms of image, it’s important for Westerners for understand that Ukraine is ‘not just a former Soviet republic’, but ‘a bit bigger than Poland, in the same region and with some common history also’.
    This parallel became clearer to me as I spent the last Easter holiday in Lviv. Including watching services in churches of different traditions, Orthodox, Uniate and Roman Catholic / Polish.

    BTW, any view on Poland’s push to sign the EU-Ukraine association agreement under its current EU presidency?


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