Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

Results of the national will expression on March 4 are a predicted victory of the needs of Russians in the stability of the state. V.Putin has turned out to be capable of becoming the spokesman of representation of an average Russian citizen in far-off regions. The reality of the present times is that the Russian civil society has started to get formed. However, the future of Russia is not in the satisfaction of interests of the capital and stability of the “middle” class. Protests of the bourgeoises have been opposed to the will of the majority.

Absence of a singular leader of opposition is not a victory of the new-old president. It is a paradox of conservatism. They like a strong leader.

The policy of “Russia of the future” will be certainly formed in the Center. However, the role of regions will grow. This is an objective reality of the present times and a pledge of a full term of V.Putin’s presidency.

Budget-forming branches work thanks to average citizens. Their expectations and choice of unifying statist guarantees of V.Putin were realized in their choice.

Unfortunately, opposition has appeared to be ready only to state claims concerning the formation of strategy of development of Russia, and it has really turned out to be incapable of offering alternative to the majority of Russians.

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