Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

The position of official representatives of Europe concerning the imprisonment of Ukrainian oppositionists has forced the leadership of Ukraine to postpone the Summit of Central European States. The session of Ukraine-EU Cooperation Council will pass amid sharp statements of European ministers concerning impossibility of signing and ratification of the Association Agreement. On the whole the strengthening of criticism on the side of European leaders concerning actions of the Ukrainian authorities becomes a tendency. Massive ignoring of the Euro-2012 by the European political establishment becomes the following stage. Sport becomes a player of big politics.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities obstinately ignore the official EU position. They are occupied with providing their own inviolability in Ukraine. With the Euro-2012 coming closer, the trust to actions of authorities is incessantly falling. Numerous inquiries of journalists about bribery during the preparation for this event, an imperfect infrastructure, cosmic prices for hotels and a spoiled international image — have become an integral part of the Euro-2012. The authorities, on the contrary, are happy due to the development of the multi-billion budget, and therefore sure that the football championship will pass at a “high” European level.

The authorities have proved that they know how to shift all responsibility to their own people. Therefore, unfortunately possible losses from the political isolation of Ukraine will be felt, first of all, by ordinary citizens. Investments put up into the Euro-2012 have every chance to become not the improvement of well-being, but to turn into the growth of tax pressure upon Ukrainians.

If all forecasts concerning the ignoring of Ukraine’s leadership during the football championship get realized by Europe, then the following logical stage of political isolation will become the non-recognition of results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

Obviously, preparatory actions of the Ukrainian authorities concerning the continuation of their powers will turn for them into the acknowledgement of their own illegitimacy. And the first among these measures are legislative initiatives of the authorities concerning complication of a procedure of organization and conduction of peaceful actions, the right to shutdown Ukrainian Internet sites without court decisions and, consequentially, transition of their activity to offshores due to actions of law-enforcement bodies. Protest moods of citizens and general discontent by actions of authorities will only grow in Ukraine.

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