Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

Upon the initiative of the President of the RF V.Putin and signature of the Prime-minister D.Medvedev, one of the greatest energy companies “Rosneft” has received a new head – I.Sechin, the former vice-premier, curator of the fuel and energy complex of the RF.

A new vice-premier A.Dvorkovich who will take care of the energy sector and a head of the Ministry of Energy O.Novak are representatives of a young generation of Russian managers. They are professionals of exactly financial and economic sphere. It is known that A.Dvorkovich supports the fastest possible privatization of the greatest energy companies. The opponent of this idea I.Sechin has proved to be a supporter of preservation of the state control over the main oil and gas companies.

Although I.Sechin hasn’t been included into the new government, his influence upon the fuel and energy complex will continue to be very serious. Russian mass-media have been debating about I.Sechin’s discussion with D.Medvedev for a long time already. However, the new head of “Rosneft” has been working with V.Putin since 1991 and will continue to have the possibility of discuss questions directly with the President. At the same time all initiatives that will be provided by the head of “Rosneft” will most probably find the support by the Russian President.

Earlier I.Sechin supported the idea of consolidation of energy companies on the basis of “Rosneftegaz”. Henceforth, the chances of appearance of a new oil giant in Russia are considerably growing. I.Sechin can come back to the idea of consolidation of budget-forming assets, however, already on the basis of “Rosneft”.

On the whole, a new structure of the Russian government demonstrates appearance of young supporters of market reforms out of D.Medvedev’s environment at the power Olympus. A part of Putin’s team of professionals-practitioners has gone to the Presidential Administration or, as I.Sechin, will continue to do what they are best at. That is, to fill the budget.

Apparently, it’s the first time in the history of independent RF that the two equivalent centers of decision-making are arising. The first one is the government headed by D.Medvedev. The second one is the informal government of advisers in the Presidential Administration. I guess Russians hope that they both will have a constructive dialogue.

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