Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

Another summit Russia-EU has demonstrated Russia’s interest in communication with the European countries exclusively in the bilateral format without EU officials. V.Putin has let EU representatives know that he, as a president, is ready to communicate with heads of the European states in the first place. V.Putin’s first visits to Germany and France have set the main priorities.

Russia has demonstrated desire to improve its relations in the European direction. And representatives of the EU institutions have been invited to communicate at the level of colleagues from the Eurasian economic commission. That is, negotiations should be conducted at the level of supranational regulatory bodies. The formalized presentation of Common Economic Space which already is a part of the future Eurasian Union has actually taken place.

On the whole, the summit has confirmed Russia’s multi-vector approach course. However, the economic crisis in the euro zone starts to more and more tangibly prevent the EU from building partner relations with Russia. The latter also has its own problems. The difference is that V.Putin as the head of the state can take responsibility. And the European Union can distribute it among many parties. That is, among nobody.

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