Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

Since the very beginning of Ukrainian independence citizens of Ukraine have always treated governmental institutes with vigilance and mistrust. However, apparently it is the first time in Ukraine that the number of the dissatisfied with their activity has reached critical limits. According to July sociological surveys, 71% of the population of Ukraine doesn’t trust the parliament. Only 7% trust the parliament.

Violation of procedures and laws during the adoption of draft bills has practically become new unofficial regulations of the parliament. And voting with cards when their MPs-owners are absent in the parliamentary hall is perceived as a norm now. Moreover, the President of Ukraine has repeatedly put his signature under the bills adopted in such a way.

It was long before the start of the electoral campaign of 2012 that the current composition of the parliament made maximum effort to discredit the very existence of parliamentarism in Ukraine. “Pseudo-oppositional” political powers were more concerned with the struggle for leadership, or getting guarantees they will get into the following composition of the parliament. They prefer to forget about representation of interests of citizens in the representative body right after the end of elections. Protection of their business interests is always on the first place. Nobody is talking about the culture of parliamentarism. And by the way, it consists of the awareness of need of continuous dialogues between the power and civil society. In turn, a dialogue without trust is impossible.

The start of the present electoral campaign has once again demonstrated inability of the today’s oppositional forces to consolidate their electorate around themselves. With catastrophic political apathy of citizens being in place, Ukraine will have a parliament which will only lobby interests of the big business. It will inevitably lead to the crisis of legitimacy of the very essence of parliamentarism in Ukraine. The change of the Constitution can become a reality already at the beginning of 2013. And it is quite possible that these changes will have to do with the form and essence of election of the following president – it will be a lot simpler to do it in the parliament. And what will be left for the citizens of Ukraine is only watching an illegitimate parliament nominally “electing” the president.

Democracy in Ukraine is becoming a mere phrase. …


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