Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

There is less than a month left to the end of the parliamentary electoral campaign in Ukraine. Already today it is possible to predict that 5 political forces out of 22 which compete under party lists will get into the parliament. Among the favorites we can outline two camps. “Proruling-controlled forces” where the proruling Party of Regions, Communists and N.Korolevska’s and football player A.Shevchenko’s “Ukraine-forward” belong to, and the “Toothless Opposition”: Y.Tymoshenko’s “Batkivschyna” and “UDAR” of boxer V.Klychko.

The electoral campaign of the first camp is more similar to a political supermarket where everything can be sold and bought. Thus, the main prize is in the hand of the President – he aspires to get 300 votes for the constitutional majority. It looks like opponents, beginning their own campaign, even didn’t think of the national Ukrainian interest. The main objective of their leaders is to keep personal warm armchairs in the parliament.

These 5 political forces and the latent party affiliation of the future winners in majority districts promise to even more deepen the parliamentary crisis in Ukraine. It is possible to ascertain that coming back to the majority districts component worsened the situation with observing democracy in the electoral legislation even more. It is violated by representatives of both camps with cynicism. They follow a new informal “electoral law” “about business-parliamentarism”.

The overwhelming majority of other political parties, which are present in the electoral ballot, are branches of the proruling camp which provide the majority in counting commissions. Political forces which participate in elections for the first time aren’t ready to pay such a price for getting into the parliament. Such principle is also professed by the Native Fatherland Political Union, which prefers to be loyal to the interests of its supporters.

This electoral campaign has every chance to get into the Ukrainian Guinness Records Book by the quantity of present international observers. However, to acknowledge infringements – doesn’t mean to make Ukraine democratic. To hope for the last day is naive. Politicians don’t think of irrevocable losses for the development of a civil initiative in Ukraine. But the majority of the Ukrainian voters know the value of proruling and opposition forces.

The electoral campaign-2012 once again demonstrates that citizens of Ukraine are artificially limited to the choice between two camps. Indeed, the political system with two political camps has formed in Ukraine. The today’s power is interested in the confirmation of such variant of the “two-party” system. With the tacit consent of Europe, none of them is the spokesman of interests of the Ukrainian society. A germinal state of civil society again comes in the way of the emergence of the third force. It is necessary to understand that all democracy was destroyed half a year before by the Electoral Law.


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