Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

The current Ukraine-Russia relations are overfilled with negative. The keywords which characterize them are risks and threats. The renewal of equal relations with Russia was the main slogan of the present Ukrainian authorities at the last presidential elections. It turned out that Russian elites aren’t going to justify optimistical hopes of Ukraine.

The historical Russian question “Who is to blame and what to do?” became topical for Ukraine as well. It is clear that Russia considers Ukraine to be guilty. Exactly due to the unwillingness of the latter to make concessions there periodically arise “cheese-dairy” wars. Among the last innovations is a mutual introduction of utilization duty for cars import. And certainly, an everlasting topic of revision of gas contracts of 2009. Experts of both parties offer different options of overcoming the consequences of these relations. However, the main reason of the crisis today is in the absence of interstate communications at the level of leaders of both countries. Disappointment in prospects of mutual relations can be noticed not only among politicians, but among ordinary citizens as well.

Among voters of the President of Ukraine the greater part supported making closer relations with Russia. The previous leader received a mandate of trust from supporters of integration with the EU. Both of them didn’t justify these hopes. Such division and support of 50 by 50 of both foreign policy courses of Ukraine is gradually getting exhausted. The Ukrainian authorities obstinately continue to trust in the myth about viability and efficiency of the multi-vector concept. However, economic and financial dependence of Ukraine on Russia continues to grow. The situation is complicated by the EU as well, which supports this concept by its own passivity. Russia makes use of it, bringing integration of Ukraine into the Customs Union closer and closer. With such a scenario, Ukraine has little time left to consider any forms of pressure upon it to be inexcusable…

The Ukrainian elites have already repeatedly imposed a choice between the Presidents to people, the consequences of activity of whom don’t coincide with their electoral slogans. However, the society expects that there will appear a new leader-manager for whom the well-being of citizens will be a unifying factor. And this is an enormous potential the future presidential elections have…


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