Matiyeshyn on Europe, through a Ukrainian eye

Parliamentary elections in Ukraine haven’t finished yet, and the EU already worries about the presidential elections. The overwhelming majority of the European observers don’t expect positive results from the elections to the parliament of Ukraine. Their honesty and transparency is doubted already. Over the last year the President of Ukraine hasn’t made any visit to Europe. And the main goal of the advertised visit to Russia at the end of October was the mobilization of the electorate.

It becomes more and more difficult for the European Union and Ukraine to hide the crisis of relations. Both participants understand that none of the parties can affect honesty and transparency of the electoral process. Thus, the EU – can’t do this, and the Ukrainian authorities – don’t want to. Hence, the European Union starts to connect the overcoming of this problem with the following elections. At least, meanwhile, with the presidential ones. Although, in case Europe doesn’t recognize these elections, Ukraine can get early parliamentary elections.

The number of supporters of such crisis scenario grows not only in Ukraine and the EU, but also in Russia. Since, today Ukraine isn’t perceived as a really independent international player even by Ukrainians. None of the present Ukrainian politicians has addressed the electorate with this idea. Everyone is limited to advances with the EU or Russia. In the majority of cases it takes place because of their desire to get their support already on the eve of the presidential elections.

None of the pro-ruling and oppositional politicians has asked the voter, whether he/she needs it. But we have speculations and advances with the electorate on the topic of foreign policy guidelines of Ukraine. Politicians consider they are spokesmen of people’s interests even having not built a meaningful dialogue with the Ukrainian people. Mercantile interests prevail. Superficiality and short-sightedness of politicians who already now see themselves as future presidents of Ukraine can be constantly observed. The only thing what present oppositionists do is only going to the EU countries and the US, pointing at the imprisonment of their leaders. Actually, banal PR is on the first place. Representatives of the authorities do the same thing. Using “diplomatic ignoring” of the first person of Ukraine, they try to present themselves in Russia as negotiators, or mediators. As a result, we have crisis of relations both with Europe, and with Russia.

We can ascertain that the specified international players start to show discontent with actions of the present Administration more and more strongly. And due to its weakness Ukraine again becomes the object of geopolitical games between the EU and Russia. And nobody is interested in the opinion of the Ukrainian society as always. And how wrong it is…


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